Research Guidelines

Why Genealogy is Important

“Genealogy is history on a personal scale. It helps satisfy a deep need to understand how we fit into the broader world around us. Genealogy is more than just a collection of single family threads passing through time. It truly is a journey of many lifetimes woven together from the past, the present and (from our perspective) the future. Genealogy is a popular pastime and it is important because ultimately it lies at the heart of the human condition. So go and have fun with it!

Reference: Why Genealogy is Important. Genealogy in Time magazine.

Tracing one’s ancestors can be a thrilling and rewarding experience – but it can also be frustrating and expensive.
GENEALOGY helps you gain an appreciation of your ancestors as you delve into your Family Tree.
And, importantly, remember that you can’t change what has already happened!


  1. ALWAYS work backwards from the known (yourself) to the unknown (your forebears)
  2. NEVER believe everything on a Birth, Death or Marriage certificate
  3. NEVER completely trust the spelling of surnames, place names, etc
  4. ALWAYS check surname variants when researching
  5. ALWAYS have at least two separate sources of proof for each event
  6. REMEMBER that everything is only speculation until verified
  7. ALWAYS photocopy or scan certificates and important documents and leave the originals in a safe place
  8. IF a document exists, read it!!
  9. JOIN at least one Family History Group, Genealogy Society or Historical Society
  10. SHARE your information and documentation (copies only) with other researchers

Source: Australian Family Tree Connections Magazine December 2011.

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